Where it all began...

Ever since i can remember i have been passionate about scents.

From perfumes to candles i have always loved the ambience a scent can bring, just as they say a picture can tell a thousand words a scent can tell it's own story.

Image by Laura Chouette

And so wee smellies was born...

After discovering home made wax melts i decided to put my love of scent into practice.

Using rapeseed and coconut wax which is both enviromentally friendly and natural this is a clean burning wax which can be used without the worry of releasing indoor air pollution.

All of my fragrance oils are of the highest quality and are cruelety,phthalate and paraben free.

For your peace of mind i am fully insured and clp compliant.

The mica used in my melts is ethically sourced

Image by Laura Chouette
Image by Diego PH
Image by Diego PH

Join us on our journey

My aim is to create scents that evoke the senses bring harmony and ambience into your home to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

As well as having the more popular scents along with dupes ,we like to be that litle bit different .

 Discover some new and beautiful scents with us.

We strive to evolve and grow and we hope you will join us on this exciting journey,