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Our Scents

Below is our full list of scents along with a description of the scent notes ,we have also included a handy fragrance note wheel to guide you as to which scents belong to each group.

Angel-Similar in scent to a high end ladies fragrance .With top notes of strawberry,cassis and cocoa this leads to heart notes of jasmine,lily of the valley rose and honey.The base notes are a sweet and oriental mix with notes of vanilla,caramel,tonka,musk and amber.

Angel novah-Similar in style to the ladies fragrance this intense mix opens with fruity notes of raspberry,lemon and bergamot.Violet ,rose and agarwood form the heart notes.A soft base of white caramel,leather and vanilla complete this scent.

Alienz-Similar  to the ladies fragrance this is a rich scent which captures both floral and amber nuances.This opens with notes of plum,neroli and cardamon followed by heart notes of jasmine,muguet and orange blossom.Base notes of musk and powdery amber.

Alien wishes-A mix of the original alien scent blended with 1000 wishes this makes a stunning combination!.A lemon zest with a spicy kick is followed with peony,quince and jasmine.Base notes include woody nuances,amber and amaretto.

Bambino- A beautiful and fresh scent this is inspired by baby talcum powder.Floral base notes include rose and violet ,a heart of heliotrope and soft powdery base notes of smooth woods ,vanilla and musk.

Beach paradise-Be transported to your very own paradise with this tropical scent.Bergamot ,orange and coconut are mixed with buttery vanilla,amber and jasmine all on a base of ocean accords.

Bliss unstoppable-A scent inspired by laundry boosters ,whih mixes floral with fruit tones.This opens with peach and citrus orange with a mandarin and musk heart.The base notes are soft woods.

Burst of sunshine-Another popular scent from our laundry range this opens with notes of bergamot and apple followed by heart notes of rose and orange blossom.The base notes include neroli and vanilla.

Bum bum-Similar in scent to a summer body creme this opens on notes of pistachio,lemon and cherry.A creamy heart of caramel,coconut and shea butter leads to base notes of rose and amber.

BUM BUM REMIX-The original scent with a twist-just when you thought it could not smell anymore devine!

BLACK TIE- A spohpisticated and sultry masculine scent,this opens with ailver grey alder notes.The heart notes compromise of black pepper,eucalyptus and wild mint ,with base notes of smoky woods,velvetier and sheer musk.

CLOUDS-Similar in scent to a ladies fragrance,this is a dreamy irresistebale treat!.Top notes of bergamot,pear and lavender.Heart notes of fluffy whipped cream,praline,coconut and vanilla.Base notes of musks and woods.

COCO-Similar in scent to the ladies fragrance.This luxurious scent opens with notes of bergamot,apple and plum.A floral heart of jasmine,lily and rose with base notes of sandalwood,amber,tonka and musks.

DOWN UNDER-Similar in scent to the famous purple shampoo this fruity and fun scent opens with notes of fresh melon ,pear and apple.The heart notes include pineapple and raspberry followed by the base notes of musk and peach.

DUSKY-Part of our "signature range"which encompasses scents which have been carefully selected to bring you something different.

A heavenly blend which includes lavender ,vanilla,amber and tonka.

DOVELY- Similar in scent to it's namesake this fresh scent.Fresh aldehydic top notes blend into the floral heart notes of rose and jasmine.The base notes include musk,woods and sweet buttermilk.

EMERALD FLEECE-Similar in scent to a famous aftershave this scent brings a warm woody and floral blend with notes of lemon verbena and iris on a base of sandalwood.

EXOTIC BLOOMS- Similar in scent to a fabric conditioner this scent opens with notes of orange and citrus zest.Floral heart notes of iris,peony and jasmine this is then finished with the base notes of cedar and amber saffron.

FAIRY BOOSTERS-Inspired by the laundy beads this is a soft and refreshing fresh scent,

Fresh floral notes open this scent followed with a heart of almond milk.The base notes include honey and musk.

FLUFFY TOWELS- Part of our laundry collection this scent opens with  a fruity and floral mix.Heart notes include rose,muguet,jasmine and lily resting on the base notes of musks and woods.As fresh as towels straight out of the drier!.

FRESH LINEN-Our take on fresh linen is a beautiful and unusual scent which combines fresh and cosy in one.This is not a "synthetic" smelling scent and needs to be melted fully to appreciate.The top notes include chamomile,green tea leaf and blonde tobacco.The heart notes are tonka bean,cyclamen,sheer leather and ylang ylang.With base notes of cashmere musk,vanilla and white cyprus this is a scent you will not be able to get enough of.

HOTEL OF DREAMS-A truly magical scent this opens with hints of cherry and strawberry.The heart notes include sandalwood,muget and raspberry.The long lasting base notes of vanilla ,musks and amber bring this scent to a close.This is the original scent ! there are many out there but only one true "hotel of dreams".

INSOLENT-Similar in style to a ladies fragrance this scent is a wonderfull mix of florals,fruits and powders.This opens with notes of violet and velvet iris .Heart notes include orange blossom and sweet red berries wrapped up by a base of sensual musks.

JAMMY TIME- A relaxing scent perfect for pre bed time this soothing blend includes notes of baby freesia,lavender and sweet pea.

JUICY FRUIT-A gorgeous fruity concotion this scent is packed with fruity notes.Top notes include lime ,lemon and blueberry followed by the heart notes of bubblegum,strawberry cherry ,clove and cinnamon .The base notes are peppermint and vanilla.

LADY OCEANA-This scent opens with sea salt tones followed by heart notes of a boquet of tuberose and orange blossom.The base notes iclude coconut,vanilla and powdered musk.

LENNY GOLDEN BLOOMS-Similar in scent to the washing sensation this scent combines daffodils and vanilla for a fresh and delightfull scent.

LEMON CLOUDS- A true citrus delight this scent brings in bitter lemon,orange,coonut alongside a dash of icing sugar.

LENNY EUCALYPTUS-Similar in scent to the winter laundry sensation this scent brings base notes of frosted eucalyptus.Mint,honey and citrus are mixed in to give an amazing melt experience!

MOONDUST-Part of our "signature" range moondust is unlike anything you may have tried before.A enchanting oriental scent this brings notes of oriental musks ,lavender and warm woods.

MR MOUSE-This scent brings tropical fruity vibes with notes of pineapple and rhubabrb to open.The heart notes include papaya,red fruits and peach finished off with base notes of sweet vanilla,caramel and musks.

MRS MOUSE-This scent differs from "mr mouse" as it also brings in a floral twist.Top notes include orange ,apricot and cassis.The heart notes are jasmine and geranium which rest on the base notes of vanilla.

NOIR OPIUM- Based on the well known ladies fragrance this dark and delightful scent brings a mixture of notes including black coffee,white florals and vanilla.

PINK PEONY & BLUSH-This scent opens with notes of red apple and blooming peonies.The heart notes are sweet jasmine,warm honey and soft rose on a base of sensual blush suede.

POMEGRANATE & PINK PEPPER-A exotic mix this scent opens with notes of ruby red pomegranate.The heart notes are spicy pink pepper alongside casablanca lily.The base notes are warm smoky woods with a dark patchouli.

PIXIE-Another from our laundry collection this scent brings top notes of spices and citrus with heart notes of woods rose and ylang.Base notes of this fresh scent include vanilla ,sandalwood and musk.

RASPBERRY & SANDALWOOD- A beautiful mix this scent opens with notes of juicy raspberry and sun warmed rosehips.THe heart notes are geanium,lavender and moss resting on a bed of pprecious woods,amber and musks.

RED- Similar in scent to a iconic 90s ladies fragrance this fun and feminine scent opens on notes of pear cassiss and orange .Heart notes include freesia and ginger flower.Base notes include woods,musk and vanilla.A real blast from the past!.

ROCKSALT & DRIFTWOOD-The most amazing fresh scent.An opening of seaweed and floral marine notes mix with the heart of hardy green florals.The base notes iclude salt encrusted driftwood.

ROSE WONDERLAND- Similar in scent to another winter washing sensation this scent opens with notes of violet leaf and saffron followed by heart notes of rose and grren stems.The base notes include amber ,precious woods and white musk.

ROUGE-Similar in scent to the high end unisex luxury fragrance.A floral and oriental mix this scent oozes in luxury.A stunning mix of jasmine,saffron,woody amber and fir balsam.

SO SAUVAGE- Similar in scent to the male fragrance.This deep and sensual scent brings notes of bergamot and mandarin followed closely with heart notes of geranium,fresh lavender and olibanum oil and a rich bed of moss,precious amber and musks.

SEA SALT & VANILLA- This marine scent opens on citrus notes follwed by heart notes of jasmine and sea salt.Base notes are sandalwood ,warm cashmere and white musk.

SNOW FAE-A scent similar in style to one originally brought out by a high street chain.This fun and playfull scent has top notes pear and cherry followed with the heart notes of banana,pear drops and bubblegum with a base of musks and vanilla.

SHOWHOME-Beautiful homes deserve a scent as stunning to match and this is exactly what this brings to you.Opening notes are cirus based mixed in with cassis.The heart notes include jasmine and muguet.The oriental base of tonka bean ,vanilla sandalwood and musk bring this scent to a close.

SQUEAKY CLEAN- Inspired by a famouus uk brand cleaning liqiuid this herbal accord will leave everything smelling clincally clean.

UNSTOPPABLE SPRING- Similar in scent to the laundry boosters.Top notes of lily of the valley and violet.Heart notes include rose and orange flowe on a base of woody notes and fresh green florals.

UNSTOPPABLE UPLIFT- Similar in scent to the laundry boosters this scent is calm and soft.With notes of earthy florals and rich vanilla undertones.

UNSTOPPABLE BLISS-Similar in scent to the laundry boosters this scent combines both fruits and florals.Notes include madarin and peach on a base of soft musk and woods.

UNSTOPPABLE FRESH-Similar in scent to the laundry boosters this opens with notes of fresh ocean spray followed by notes of green citrus and on a base of sweet soapy notes.

UNSTOPPABLE DREAMS-Similar in scent to the laundry boosters this dreamy scent combines notes of lavender,silky vanilla and cedar for a luxurious and relaxing scent.

UNSTOPPABLE LAVISH-Similar in scent to the laundry boosters this is a rich and creamy scent.With notes of peach ,tonic vanilla and caramel.

VELVET ROSE & OUD-This opens with notes of oudh,rose and geranium.The heart notes include jasmine ,clove and praline resting on a bed of oriental notes including velvetier,musks and patchouli.

WHITE MUSK- Similar in scent to the classic ladies fragrance this scent opens with notes of clean aldehyde and ylang followed by heart notes of lily,jasmine and violet on a powdery base of benzoin,tonka and soft musk.

WALKING ON SUNSHINE- A sweet sensation this scent combines notes of honey mixed in with a sweet citrus.Natural sugars and wildflower blooms complete this stunning scent.

                            DIFFUSER SCENTS/SCENTED STONES

Due to conforming to guildelines we are unable to use all of our scents in our reed diffusers.Below is a list that we have tested and comply with guidelines surrounding diffusers.


*Please note that where we state scent are similar too we have no affiliation and registered trademarks and copywrites are property of the respective manufacturer/designer.Versions are not to be confused by the original scent and we use the term "similar to" purely as a indication of the scent character and not to mislead or infringe on any trademarked goods.*

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